Total Theatre Award

Puppet Animation Scotland is thrilled to once again be partaking in the Total Theatre Awards at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, being part of an awards team ensuring great work is recognised. Since 1987 the Total Theatre Awards have honoured the best theatre-makers performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. A dedicated team of assessors see all of the registered shows; then, an esteemed panel of critics, producers, programmers, academics and artists judge the Total Theatre Awards, which are recognised nationally and internationally as a benchmark of achievement.

This is where Puppet Animation Scotland steps in: not only does every member of our team immerse themselves in the experience of being an assessor for such a prestigious and recognisable award, but we dedicate time to helping others do so: by offering a paid position for an individual striving to work within theatre we offer the opportunity to assess and champion puppetry and visual theatre, helping to ensure that the mediums we are passionate about promoting are being explored and engaged with, by not only new audiences, but people working within theatre itself.

The Total Theatre Awards recognises experimental work that truly tries to push at boundaries in a landscape of work that conforms. For me: winning a Total Theatre Award helped me to get my foot in the door with a whole host of venues, spurred international interest and gave me a huge quality stamp. Totally and utterly invaluable.

– Bryony Kimmings, Total Theatre Awards Winner 2010

The Total Theatre Awards process places a special emphasis on exploring difficult issues and the spaces in between established performance forms where innovative new creative practices, approaches and models are emerging. Through critical analysis, dialogue, discussion and debate a peer network of assessors and judges discover game changing artists and play a vital role in identifying innovation and creative talent in an ever-changing contemporary performance landscape. The artist focused, peer led process for assessing and awarding artists is thorough and rigorous and offers opportunities for a range of peers and senior industry professionals to engage in in-depth discussion, debate and dialogue about excellence.

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