MANIPULATE Festival 2020: Journeys

With a grand total of 75 events at this year’s MANIPULATE Festival it can be difficult to decide on what to attend and how best to plan your day so that you’re not missing out on shows you want to see. We have an incredibly diverse range of performances and animated film showings taking place and some unfortunately have to overlap, this is why we have put together some helpful guides to help you make the most of your MANIPULATE Festival 2020!

We have mapped out puppetry, physical/ visual theatre, animated film, dance and circus journeys for you to discover, all of which you can explore below.

Each journey allows you to see up to 6 different shows in one day, the names and prices of which you will see in the guide. Each show needs to be booked individually so be sure to book the correct day and time as some performances take place more than once!

We have categorised the journeys by genre so that if, for example, puppetry is all you want to see then you can follow our recommended route and be sure that you are not missing out on something you will undoubtedly enjoy.

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