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Environmental Engagement

As a Green Arts Member Puppet Animation Scotland is dedicated to promoting an environmentally sound practice, whether within our own office, or in the festivals that we programme.

The carbon footprint of the flights we use to bring outstanding performers to Scotland, as well as sharing the best Scotland has to offer with the rest of the puppetry, visual theatre and animation community worldwide, is part of a carbon off setting project and we openly encourage everyone we work with to adopt similar practices. We monitor all of our emissions thoroughly and adhere to the best practice methods of being eco-friendly as outlined by Creative Carbon Scotland.


Within the office we have a dedicated ‘Green Champion’ who routinely monitors our relationship with environmental engagement, and ensures that we are continuously trying to improve on the work we do to stay ‘green’.

Case studies:

Creative Carbon Case Study

In 2015 Puppet Animation voluntary submitted all of the information we had gathered surrounding our environmental impact to the organisation Creative Carbon Scotland. The findings were so interesting that Creative Carbon Scotland decided to base a case study on Puppet Animation Scotland.

We were able to demonstrate that we had identified our environmental impacts, which had been measured over a year long period, and that we were being proactive in attempting to reduce these impacts. The case study allowed Puppet Animation Scotland to analyse how we could improve reducing our environmental impact and as of 2016 we are expanding our research into the environmental impact of our audiences travel as well as the printed materials we use. An exciting and very necessary venture which we hope will lead to as company-wide improvement.


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