Puppet Animation Scotland is proud to offer a wide range of workshops and master classes for a variety of ages, abilities and practices. Every year we offer hundreds of people the opportunity to get involved with visual theatre, puppetry and animation through our unique and exciting programme of workshops.


Whether you are interested in creating something with your children, delving deeper into the possibilities of animation or want to take your professional practice on the road, we offer a generous amount of opportunities for you to get creative. A large part of Puppet Animation Scotland’s practice is involved with helping practitioners gather momentum and skills to thrive in the industry, and many of our workshops and

Rene Baker

Rene conveys deep puppetry wisdom in the most simple and natural terms, making every layer of understanding accessible to all levels of ability.

After 25 years of working, and playing, with material things Rene Baker provides attendees to her workshops with the fascinating ability to manipulate any number of objects, found or built. Often working with the most simplest of objects, Rene instils attendees with the ability to create the most outstanding work from relatively limited materials.

The most informative, challenging, artistically focused and practical workshop I have ever attended.


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