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Puppet Animation Scotland is proud to offer a wide range of workshops and master classes for a variety of ages, abilities and practices. Every year we offer hundreds of people the opportunity to get involved with visual theatre, puppetry and animation through our unique and exciting programme of workshops.


Whether you are interested in creating something with your children, delving deeper into the possibilities of animation or want to take your professional practice on the road, we offer a generous amount of opportunities for you to get creative. A large part of Puppet Animation Scotland’s practice is involved with helping practitioners gather momentum and skills to thrive in the industry, and many of our workshops and

The Curious School of Puppetry

Glasgow / Edinburgh

The Curious School of Puppetry, based in Bristol, is visiting Edinburgh and Glasgow looking for artists interested in learning more about puppetry.

Free Taster Workshops

The taster workshops are open to anyone, no experience necessary. The sessions will explore the various ways in which an object or figure can be brought to life.  They are designed to offer an opening to enthusiasts, actors, dancers, anyone who would like to experiment with this art form and to offer emerging puppeteers with further professional development.

Workshops are led by Sarah Wright, artistic director of the Curious School of Puppetry. If you’d like to take part, please email Emma King stating why you’d like to take part, this information will inform and help structure the workshop.

Edinburgh, Wednesday 12 July
Summerhall: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Glasgow, Friday 14 July
Sloan’s Bar: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Curious Tea

If you’d like to have a chat about the Curious School of Puppetry, why not pop along to Summerhall on Saturday 14 July between 2pm – 5pm where you’ll find Sarah Wright, Artistic Director, ready to answer questions.

Curious Puppetry Course: Professional Training for Theatre Makers

If you’d like to take part in the 10-week, full time course exploring puppets in performance and puppet inclusive practice please contact Sarah Wright or visit www.curiouspuppetry.com.

Course Dates: 8 January – 24 March 2018
Venue: Summerhall, Edinburgh
Deadline for applications: 31 July

This course is investigatory and inspirational. It is grounded in the notion of learning through direct experience from masters of the art. It offers those with an interest in operating and producing work with puppets a physical understanding of technique, craft and design. Professional puppeteers and directors provide high quality training and nurture students as they discover and develop their own skills.

If you have any access requirements or require any other support, please contact Sarah Wright.

Rene Baker

Rene conveys deep puppetry wisdom in the most simple and natural terms, making every layer of understanding accessible to all levels of ability.

After 25 years of working, and playing, with material things Rene Baker provides attendees to her workshops with the fascinating ability to manipulate any number of objects, found or built. Often working with the most simplest of objects, Rene instils attendees with the ability to create the most outstanding work from relatively limited materials.

The most informative, challenging, artistically focused and practical workshop I have ever attended.


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