Puppet Animation Scotland was inundated with applications for our second year of Testroom: a creative development opportunity for Scottish-based artists supported by the National Theatre of Scotland. Based in Rockvilla, Glasgow, and facilitated by leading puppeteer Gavin Glover, Testroom offers artists of any discipline the opportunity to explore initial creative ideas which place, at their heart, elements of live puppet or object manipulation.

You will be able to see the results of the following four projects at one of our Snapshots events during the manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2018, on Wednesday 24th January at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, and Monday 29th January at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

We were very pleased with the high level of creative and technical experimentation and ambition in all applications. It was a difficult job for our selection panel to decide who to select. We are delighted to announce that the participants of our Testroom 2017-2018 programme will be:


Collision encourages dialogue and debate about what it is to be a young person in today’s society, through the exploration of people, place and identity. Through visual performance Collision will examine the relationship and tensions that exist between a teenage girl’s gender stereotype, her family relationships and her anxiety.

C Bloomfield - Fight or Flght

Gunshow Theatre

Emma Anderson, founder of the Gunshow Theatre, will experiment with her initial creative ideas about a highly interesting 17th century Scottish historical figure, Isobel Gowdie,  a young housewife from Aldearn in Nairnshire who is remembered not just for being tried as a witch but for her detailed confession, which uniquely was freely given without torture.
Untitled design (9)

The Creative Martyrs with Jack Squat

Regulars on the Scottish cabaret and music scene for the past decade, the Creative Martyrs are a satirical duo who create all variety of performances, from short musical sets, to full length immersive theatrical experiences. Their project will explore, through puppetry and song, dystopian ideas and the stories of communities that strive to survive during apocalyptic times.

Theatre Gu Leòr

Theatre Gu Leor will begin the creative and technical development of an accessible new touring show in Gaelic that will appeal to both young children and adults alike. Using rich local history archives from the Isle of Canna, the piece aims to bring to life the stories of Pooni, a much-loved island cat who lived there in the middle of the 20th century.

Pooni liked music


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