In September 2018, we had the chance to work with Marta Maluva, as part of a Santander Placement at Queen Margaret University. We caught up with her this month to talk about her highlights and what she learnt during her month with us.

The visual theatre networking event which gave me the feeling of community and good contacts for the future.

Marta stands on the left of the image, laughing, she is looking toward the left outside of the frame. It is sunny and a yellow light is visible throughout the photo.Our Santander intern 2018 – Marta Maluva

What was your main highlight of the internship?

My main highlight was the internship itself and the opportunity to be working with one of my dream companies and meeting the team who make it happen. Also, the visual theatre networking event which gave me the feeling of community and good contacts for the future.

What did you learn? 

Melanie (Festivals & Projects Manager) gave me a detailed insight of all the activities she does, and she explained how everything works generally. I also got invited along to the meetings with the creative people who work with Puppet Animation Scotland in various areas such as advertisement and brand creation. I really enjoyed the transparency of everything and found the experience extremely beneficial.

What did you gain?

I got to know the network of visual theatre in Scotland more and how to become more pro-active by setting smaller deadlines to bigger projects.

Will you engage with PAS in the future? 

And I would love to engage with PAS in the future! Any projects that need a hand in doing, events, designs etc – I am here for you!

Want to know more about our internship opportunities, and the Santander Placement Scheme? Email us at [email protected] for more details.

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