Puppet Animation Scotland and Swallow The Sea Caravan Theatre present: Swallow The Sea Caravan Theatre at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019.

Recipients of our Creative Fund 2019-2020, Swallow The Sea will be presenting three short puppetry and visual theatre pieces in the intimacy of their caravan theatre. Partnering with Puppet Animation Scotland, the Caravan Theatre will also see three new short pieces by Scottish-based puppeteers Ella Mackay, Fiona Oliver-Larkin, and Mary and David Grieve.

The performances will take place inside the Caravan Theatre, in the Summerhall Courtyard (Fringe venue 26) from 11am to 5:15pm every day between August 2 and August 25, with each show running for 20 minutes.

Tickets can be booked via EdFringe or Summerhall. Check Swallow The Sea Theatre website for all updates.



Lamp by Swallow The Sea

Physical, absurdist, object theatre exploring the transmogrification of two light shades; Samuel Beckett and Edward Lear’s lovechild with a live vocal score.

Journey by Swallow The Sea

Light, shadow, table-top puppetry, textured images and a live vocal soundscape take us, through the eyes of a young girl, to an underworld of discoveries and transformations.

The Swallow The Sea Caravan

Up North – Swallow The Sea:

Songs, poems and images for the cardinal compass point.

Finger Fatale by Ella Mackay:

A burlesque-inspired ‘hand-tease’, celebrating the fluidity, versatility and down-right sexy movement that a hand can perform. Big bravado with… a small appendage!

Finger Fatale by Ella Mackay

Shadow Bird by Mary and David Grieve:

Rod and shadow puppetry, immersive light-projections and music, telling a melancholic tale of other-worldly adventures and impossible love, taking inspiration from the Tom Waits song Fish and Bird

Twa Pirate Lassies by Fiona Oliver-Larkin:

Shadow puppetry, song and storytelling, inspired by the true-life stories of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, women caught up in the lawless, larger than life Caribbean mercantile world of the 17th century.

Fiona Oliver-Larkin performing Salt at manipulate 2019, by Elly White

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