During a lockdown, one can be faced with a plethora of films to select each day from across streaming websites. For puppeteers or those interested in puppetry, to help you narrow down the search, our Artistic Director has collated a list of brilliant puppet films, and provided links to access them.

Simon Hart, Artistic Director:

In the 19th century, Wagner’s operas were considered the apogee of Gesamtkunstwerk – the synthesis of many different art forms – and their styles and techniques – into an integrated, all-embracing piece of art which attempts to answer all of life’s most profound questions.

I’ve always thought that stop-motion film is our contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk equivalent. While these films – all of which use puppets in some way – may not provide absolutely every answer to those existential questions troubling us right now, in their different ways they come pretty close…

STREET OF CROCODILES (1986) Brothers Quay (21 mins)

Based very loosely on Polish author Bruno Schulz’s childhood memories, a masterful piece of allusive, enigmatic animated filmmaking.

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In Oscar-nominated (Far from Heaven) director Todd Haynes’ first film we can already see one of the main themes – the emotional manipulation and exploitation of women behind the seemingly pristine façade of American suburban life – which has preoccupied his career.

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TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE (2004) Trey Parker & Matt Stone (98 mins)

One of the greatest films ever made! Puppets save the world, have very funny sex and swear a lot!

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