We are delighted to announce that in the recently released Creative Europe 2019-2020 awards,  Puppet Animation Scotland and partners Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (Slovenia), Lele Theatre (Lithuania) and the Academy of Arts & Culture (Croatia) received significant funding to support the development of a contemporary puppetry critical platform.

Over the next two years within our respective festivals’ programmes we will present a series of seminars, workshops, discussions, artists’ and critics’ residencies and exchanges, exploring and sharing knowledge about the aesthetics and current best practice of contemporary puppetry, to inform and strengthen the art form and practitioners’ future creativity, ambition, resilience and sustainability.

“We will learn so much from our partners as we work with them to harness the best of the varied valued traditions and working methods of puppetry in their countries to inform and inspire current and future Scottish artists and audiences to engage meaningfully with this versatile and endlessly intriguing art form. In these uncertain times I am particularly pleased to be able to pass on this success to Puppet Animation Scotland’s new artistic director. Dawn Taylor will have a great time working with our good friends and colleagues in Slovenia, Lithuania and Croatia!” SIMON HART Artistic Director


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