After close consultation with school teachers and a child psychologist, we understand that children may face some anxieties about going back to school after being off for so long. So, we have collaborated with Ailie Finlay, the lead puppeteer for our Emotional Resilience programme, to create four short videos focused on giving children the peace of mind they need to enjoy being back at school again.

Ailie Finlay and her puppet, Little Mouse, are here to teach us some easy to remember rhymes which children can say to themselves to give them comfort if they feel worried or anxious.

Each video focuses on a different topic and includes an easy to remember rhyme for children and their adults to learn.

Scroll down to view each episode or visit our YouTube channel.

Click here to download the rhyme so that you can continue to learn from home!

Episode 1: Little Mouse and The Tape Measure

In Episode 1 of our Little Mouse Goes Back to School series, Little Mouse is nervous about going back to school and has packed a tape measure in their bag to measure the distance between them and their friends.

Episode 2: Little Mouse and The Alarm Clocks

In Episode 2 of our Little Mouse Goes Back to School series, Little Mouse is nervous about sleeping in when they go back to school and has bought three alarm clocks.

Episode 3: Little Mouse and The Pencil Case

In Episode 3 of our Little Mouse Goes Back to School series, Little Mouse has mixed feelings about their return to school. Watch along to see how Ailie helps Little Mouse overcome the anxiety.

Episode 4: Little Mouse & Friends

In episode 4 Little Mouse is excited to get back to school and see their friends again but some friends may need some time to adjust to being back. How can Little Mouse be a good friend?

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