To experience the MANIPULATE Digital Festival at its best, we have provided some guidelines and top tips for utilising our livestream and watch again features.

For the ‘live’ festival experience, you can attend our evening premiere events, where you can stream a curated line-up of both live and pre-recorded works in real-time alongside festival audiences across the world.

If you missed the livestream, or prefer to watch festival events at times that fit around your own schedule – use our ‘Watch Again’ feature where you can watch each piece on catch-up through until Sunday 7 February, 11.59PM.

Here are our Digital Festival top tips:

  • For the best possible viewing quality, check that there are no other devices streaming on your WiFi, switch your mobile phone to silent and settle in for the evening ahead.
  • For the best listening experience, please connect your computer to Hifi speakers or listen through headphones. For D/deaf and hard of hearing audiences, there are descriptive subtitles and, where possible, we recommend rumble packs or bass speakers
  • For the best viewing experience, we recommend watching on your TV. You can do this by connecting your device with a HDMI cable or casting/sharing your screen with your TV. Citizen Ticket provides some guidance on how to do this when you scroll to the bottom of the livestream page
  • Make sure you log in to Citizen Ticket ahead of the livestream with plenty of time before the start time of your event. You can access links for events from your Ticket Wallet 10 minutes before the scheduled start time

If you follow our above advice, you should be geared up for a smooth sailing evening of viewing, however, if you do find you are experiencing difficulties please click the ‘Need Help?’ icon in the livestream or contact Citizen Ticket directly.


How do I gain access to the livestream?

Once you have purchased a ticket for the festival through our ticketing platform, Citizen Ticket, you will receive a confirmation code via email with a unique link to your ticket wallet. You can access your ticket wallet via your confirmation email, or by visiting the website directly and logging in. All of the events you purchased tickets for will show within your ticket wallet. Each event has its own listing, so if you booked for DAY 1 you will see 4 events appear in your wallet. If you booked a DIGITAL FESTIVAL PASS, you’ll see 14 events appear. Up to 10 minutes before the livestream is about to begin, you can click the ‘Watch Now’ button to follow instructions and gain access.


How do I ‘watch again’?

If you’d like to watch on catch-up, click on the ‘Watch Again’ button. After the livestream has ended as it may take up to 1 hour for the ‘Watch Again’ feature to become available. You can access ‘Watch Again’ at any time up until midnight on 7 February.


Do I need to watch the livestream in order to gain access to the watch again?

No. You can watch the events any time after the livestream premiere.


I’m having problems with my livestream connectivity, what do I do?

For the best possible viewing quality, check that there are no other devices streaming on your WiFi, switch your mobile phone to silent and settle in for the evening ahead. If you have problems with connectivity, which causes a lag in your livestream, consider lowering the quality of the stream by clicking the quality button on the video bar OR refresh your browser.

If you continue to have any problems with your livestream, please click the ‘Need Help?’ box at the bottom right hand side of your screen.


I didn’t receive any Citizen Ticket emails, what do I do?

If you are using a GMAIL inbox, you may find that your emails have gone to the ‘promotions’ tab. Please also check your junk mail folder. If you are still unable to locate your confirmation email, please contact us directly: [email protected]


I’ve clicked the ‘Watch Now’ link in my ticket wallet and it’s taken me to another website

1 of our live premieres and 3 talks and discussions are taking place on Zoom rather than the livestream on the Citizen Ticket website. You still access these events through your Citizen Ticket wallet. When you click the link in your wallet to attend the event, you will be taken directly to the Zoom website or the app if you have it installed already, where you will be admitted into a waiting room before the event begins.

If you do not have the Zoom app, you are not required to download it to attend these events. To access Zoom on your web browser and through the Zoom web client, click the ‘Watch Now’ link in your ticket wallet and follow the instructions provided. However, for some of the discussion-based events, you may experience slightly better functionality with all meeting functions if you download the app in advance.

When you view Zoom performances on ‘Watch Again’, they will not take you to the Zoom website but will remain on the Citizen Ticket website.


Have we answered your queries? If not, please contact us directly: [email protected]


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