At Puppet Animation Scotland we endeavour to stay curious and interrogative and are never afraid to challenge practice or look for a way to do things better. Everyone is empowered to bring new ideas and to ask difficult questions; we are excited by continuous learning and progressive change.

Our philosophy is that people with good wellbeing not only make the best decisions and produce the best work, but also create better conditions for others in turn. We aim to centre wellbeing and care at the heart of our economic model, extending to everyone that we work with.

We value work which is artistically innovative and ambitious, and we support artists to aim high, be bold and take risks in their practice. We champion the right to fail. We aim for high artistic standards and celebrate a broad definition of what excellence looks like.

 We aim to programme activity which is inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds and abilities. We actively seek to dismantle barriers which stop people engaging as artists, audiences and participants, and make use of dialogue to continuously learn new ways of working which provide better access.

In this rapidly changing world, we believe that to work in a way which is truly sustainable and forward-looking is to aim to take action now that we feel might be required in 5 years, because inevitably society is behind in our ideas about necessary change. This involves challenging our assumptions, moving at a quicker pace and thinking in greener, more financially resilient and socially radical ways.

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