Captivate is our new engagement and participation programme, which will see us work with lead venue partners in communities in the Outer Hebrides, North Lanarkshire and Edinburgh West for a period of three to five years to deliver a bespoke programme of productions, screenings, workshops and co-creation projects in the areas of puppetry, animation and visual theatre.


Captivate aims to enrich the lives of people from diverse backgrounds across Scotland, through opportunities to see and participate in puppetry, animation and visual theatre in their everyday lives, and to take pride in their local communities as places where creativity is thriving. The project will offer access to high quality arts performance and engagement opportunities that are not currently available in these communities, or have been on a limited basis, due to costs and geographical disadvantages, whilst also building and sustaining the cultural and artistic offers within these communities by working closely with locally based partner venues and organisations.

We want to open doors to puppetry, visual theatre and animation as creative practices and performances that are not only visually exciting and adaptable but accessible. Through the project we will work with organisations locally to offer opportunities for engagement with groups within that are not being catered for through traditional venue based or text led narrative offers- and showcase the power of these artforms within creative placemaking.


Find out more about what we’re doing in our pilot communities:


Captivate: Edinburgh West

In Edinburgh West we are working across a group of community venues in delivery of our programme which has been developed with our lead partner WHALE Arts Agency and in conversation with Clovenstone Community Centre, the Edinburgh Library service at Wester Hailes Library and The Welcoming charity.

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