Would you like to get involved as a Captivate artist?

We are seeking artists to collaborate with us on the delivery of work through Captivate. We may on occasion issue a call-out for specific projects, but we usually develop conversations with artists more organically and ask that if you have a project which you think would fit with the aims of Captivate, to let us know by dropping us an email.

All the work currently programmed through Captivate is targeted at families and young people, with some work having an additional focus on those with communicative barriers to engagement (i.e. D/deaf and HoH, New Scots, some neurodivergent individuals). The kinds of project that we programme include:

Public Participatory Art Projects – mid-scale public artworks, co-created with local marginalised groups and developed in partnership with our nationwide Captivate partners. If you are an artist with an idea for a project, already deliver a project that could work in these settings or would be interested in supporting these types of project (particularly if you are based in our focus communities of Edinburgh West, North Lanarkshire or Uist) then we’d love to hear from you.

Professional Performances with Targeted Engagement – high-quality professional visual theatre for families which usually would tour to only major cultural centres, performed live with wraparound workshop activity to target groups from those listed above.

If you have a show that is touring to our focus areas that could benefit from some engagement development, or you would be interested to add a performance within our partner venues to your tour then get in touch. We are particularly interested in building micro tours and engagement programmes that support creating multiple opportunities for artists and audiences within a region.

Storytelling and Workshops in Accessible Community Spaces – we will reach under-served audiences by presenting work in community spaces, bringing verbal and nonverbal storytelling and workshops to libraries and community centres, aimed at the youngest children and their families. Many of our projects take place outside of traditional theatre spaces and if you have a small scale performance or workshop that you’d be interested in taking to libraries or community centres, or which can work outdoors, then we’d love to talk to you about opportunities within our focus communities.

New enquiries – We can support visual theatre, animated film, and puppetry artists to research and develop new approaches to community work, specific to communities in the Captivate areas. For example, we are supporting a development week for a new piece of family visual theatre work that seeks to create an equitable experience for hearing and non hearing audiences.

As we are planning for delivery across multiple years with our partners we would love to hear ideas and start conversations that could be ready for delivery between 2024-2026.

Please email [email protected] to start a conversation!

Image: Puppetry, Elspeth Chapman captured by Oliver Benton – during a Captivate project at WHALE Arts.

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